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The Gold Package Magic Show

  • A whole hour of solid gold entertainment
  • The Grand Opening begins with 35 to 40 minutes of some of the funniest magic you will ever see!
  • Packed full of audience participation
  • Every child who wants to help is guaranteed to have one or more opportunities to assist with a trick


Your child is the STAR of the show!

  • They’ll love featuring in several of the tricks
  • They get to make the magic happen
  • Hear the cheers when she gets to make the bunny appear!
  • The “Oohs and Aahs” of the crowd let him know the day is his!

Get your camera ready! The grand finale features “The Magic Carpet Ride,” a special trick where the birthday child magically floats in the air.

After the magic show every child receives a handmade balloon animal, so everyone gets to go home with their own special creation and memory of a great party!


The Silver Package Magic Show

  • Includes nearly everything from the Gold Package Magic Show
  • Magic, Balloons & Laughs
  • Packed full of audience participation
  • Does not include the Magic Carpet Ride at the end of the show


Your child is the STAR of the show!

  • He will feature in several of the tricks
  • Your child makes the magic happen
  • The cheers are for the birthday child!

After the magic show every child receives a handmade balloon animal – their own special creation and memory of a great party!


The Balloon Extravaganza!

  • An hour full of amazing animal balloons
  • JUMBO Balloons like giant butterflies with a three-foot wingspan
  • Wonderful flower balloons, cartoon characters
  • Wild hats!

With a repertoire of over 2,367 different balloon designs, the choices are virtually limitless. The kids are astonished as they watch these creations come to life and absolutely LOVE that they get to take these balloons home.


Close-Up (Strolling) Magic for Kids

The magic takes place right in front of your guests, often in their hands. I perform a series of mini shows; small group to small group entertaining with cards, coins and other small items.

Instead of everyone sitting down to watch the show, the magic comes to you. The reaction to this show is amazingly intense because of the up-close and personal nature of the performance.

This is ideal for larger groups or for providing background entertainment when other activities are taking place.



The Magician’s Workshop!

The kids will learn several simple but effective magic tricks. The workshop teaches basic magic concepts and skills.

  • Learn the Magic behind the magic!
  • All supplies are provided by Top Banana Events
  • Teaches great beginning magic tricks to get them started
  • Builds individual self-esteem and confidence in a group

Available as a 20 minute add-on to the Gold or Silver Magic Shows or as a stand-alone one hour program.

The above programs are designed for parties with up to 20 children, with the exception of the close-up magic which is designed to accommodate larger groups. If you expect more than 20, ask about modifying the show to meet your needs.

Shows can be combined; for example you can add the magic workshop or the balloon extravaganza to either one of the magic shows to complete your party package.

face painting

Ala Carte

Additional Products and Services

With a little advance notice we can provide several additional products and services, including:


  • Magic Set (makes a great gift for the birthday child)
  • Goodie Bags
  • Face Painter
  • Before and after Party Cleaning
  • Cake Decorator